Infrared Testing for Buildings in Long Island, NY

Our trained and certified staff uses the latest in infrared technology to diagnose the problems in your home or building.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect what no eye can see - the variations in temperature that can indicate energy loss in buildings. Infrared inspection with a thermal imaging camera gives you the most powerful non-invasive monitoring and diagnosing tool available. The results of your on-site inspection(s) are delivered in a detailed report (see a sample report) that document the areas of weakness in your building’s thermal barrier. Our services are affordable and flexible to meet any budget.

Seeing is believing.


Have you noticed that your energy bills have increased? Do you experience radical temperature variations from one room to the next? Signs like these and others such as cold drafts and frozen pipes are indicators that you have poor insulation. At Federal Conservation Corp., we use our infrared camera to do thermal scans, which allow us to inform you of areas in which you need better insulation protection.

If you have noticed these indicators of under-insulation in your home or building, reach out to us for infrared testing for buildings in Long Island, NY.

What Are the Benefits of Infrared Building Testing?

Infrared building testing is used to detect various problems such as areas of increased heat or increased cold that indicate defective equipment or lack of quality insulation. By making changes to your insulation, you can decrease your energy bills. Plus, you also improve your comfort while at home or at work.

Inadequate insulation can lead to frozen pipes, which can lead to disaster if they burst. With infrared building testing, you save yourself financially and physically.

An additional benefit that you get when you work with Federal Conservation Corp., is the choice to use non-toxic insulation. Our company is focused on providing environmentally safe insulation.

What Should You Do With the Detailed Report?

At the end of our testing, we provide you with a detailed report that includes information on the locations we scanned and findings in that area. We also include a picture of the infrared scan and a suggestion of what to do about the issue.

Many people that request our infrared testing for buildings do so because they need a building inspection for buying or selling a home. Others need our services because they want to be more environmentally friendly.

No matter the reason, the next step to take is to learn about your options for insulation, which is something we can also help you with. We use the detailed report to make the changes you want. If you are curious about our services, reach out to us at (516) 903-7401 to request a free quote.