Federal Conservation is a certified installer of AirKrete insulation and has been installing it for over 20 years.

AirKrete is a product that is unlike any insulation on the market today and is unmatched in its performance. This unique system has a variety of uses, and is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Thermal Insulation - High R-Value @ 3.9/inch
  • Fireproofing - 0 Flame Spread
  • Acoustical Insulation - Excellent Noise Reduction Properties

Not only is AirKrete an incredibly versatile product, it is also completely non-toxic and environmentally responsible. Unlike polyurethane foams, AirKrete contains no petrochemical products and does not “off-gas” at any point. The insulating material is a cementitious (cement-like) product that is made up of inert ingredients that are mined from the earth and is 100% natural.

Federal Conservation proudly installs AirKrete, and stands behind this product as one of the safest and effective available today.

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